The Cultural Attack, What are Parents to Do?

With the cultural attack that that’s currently going on, parents are wondering what should we do? Here are some good guidelines from the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (the ERLC). This entire article is worth a read. The ERLC basically saw this coming a couple weeks ago (a link appears at the bottom of the excerpt).

I also recommend reading their response to the president’s bathroom dictum, which also gives good advice concerning what we can do. That response article is: What the Transgender Bathroom Debate Means For You. But first:  What can parents do?:

The first step in parenting is to simply be aware. Christian parents, are you aware? Have you asked your children what they’re being taught constitutes a “man” and “woman” in their local school? Are you aware of what family structure is being openly taught to your child or children? Are you having conversations with them helping them prepare for the day when their faith will be tested?

The threat and prospect of minority status is no reason to fear, but it should force us to change our expectations about what’s possible within public schools. So how should Christians respond to the increasing intolerance of Christian sexual morality in public schools?

1. Christians should take stock of the cultural moment, which sounds harder than one would imagine. With parents busy being employees, spouses, and parents, it is easy to overlook the thousand and one ways that children are being morally instructed and habituated in local schools. Parents should take active roles in discovering what their children are learning and combatting errors where necessary. Christian parents will also need to pay closer attention to ways in which government works to enforce moral norms.

2. Christian parents need to establish a tipping point. This may be the most important response to consider. What actions taken by your local school will be sufficient for you to re-evaluate public education? Is having a teacher reprimand your child for his or her belief about marriage, sex, and gender acceptable? Will you allow them to be in schools where bathroom policies are based on gender identity rather than biological sex? Not establishing a tipping point could leave your child over-exposed to environments they shouldn’t be in. Not thinking about a tipping point is irresponsible and will communicate carelessness about a child’s education and Christian formation. This is not a call to exit the public schools; it is a call to vigilance. It is advisable that spouses have a candid conversation and establish a line in the sand.

3. Focus on the local. While the transgender revolution is unstoppable given the current course we’re on, holding schools, principals, and school boards accountable by registering respectful concern is necessary. Your opinion is as worthwhile as every other parent’s opinion, even if it is politically incorrect. Monitoring the action taken by schools is essential, as schools are most likely to implement ill-advised policy if there is no accountability.

4. Vote. From local school board elections all the way to the president of the United States (who appoints education secretaries), voting ensures that your biblical worldview is given equal footing. The ability to install like-minded officials who share a biblical worldview can halt or reverse the troubling trends currently in place.

5. Consider running for your local school board. The ability to vote on district-wide policies that implement or halt wrong-headed policies is the best way to ensure that unbiblical and harmful ideologies are averted.

Though it defies history, reality, and common sense, it appears that America is readying itself for a day when all forms of sexual differentiation will be considered discriminatory. Is this lamentable? Of course. Should we be surprised? No. What matters right now is that parents take sober-minded steps to prepare themselves and their children.(

One of the best things we can do is pray. Never forget to pray.

Now go read the response article linked above (and hear).