Church of the Child


“Attract and Disciple the Entire Family” is one thing we want to be really good at as a church. Its part of Fellowship Baptist Church’s Vision, it’s what we strive to be:

Vision:  “We strive to be a praying, loving, and growing community of followers of Christ who are attracting and discipling the entire family, worshiping God, and guarding the faith.”

“Attracting and discipling the entire family” means we must do a good job at reaching children and youth with the eternal life transforming gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now why?

One reason is that research shows most Christians came to Christ at an early age. Barna Research shows that 43% of believers (approaching half) believed before age 13. Then, add those who came to Christ when age 14 to 17 and you come to 64% who believed before their 18th birthday. The number who reported coming to Christ from age 18 to 21 is 13%. This means that 73% of Born Again Christians were born again before the age of 21. Only 23% of believers believed as an adult. These numbers are just over 10 years old, that’s just up-to-date by US Census standards (every 10 years.) Here is the research:  Barna Link: Evangelism is Most Effective Among Kids.

Also note that spiritual activity as a child impacts spiritual activity as an adult. Planting and watering Gospel seeds in youth results in fruit: Long-Term Effect of Spiritual Activity Among Children and Teens.

Translation? Children’s and Youth Ministry is important.


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