Mission and Vision

pointing to map mission

What do we want to be in the future? We know in Jesus our future is Heaven, but in our years on this earth, what do we hope to be like in 5, 10, 15 years?

That’s something to ponder! We can think about how God has gifted us, what strengths He’s given us, and how He could use us for His glory as we walk in obedience to Him. A vision for our future begins to take shape.

When the Building Committee met last we began looking at our church in just such a way, long term. We thought about our strengths as a church and developed a vision statement stating what we will strive to BE. Here is what we determined…

Vision Statement:

“We strive to be a praying, loving, and growing community of followers of Christ who are attracting and discipling the entire family, worshiping God, and guarding the faith.”

Accomplishing that vision means we must also be great at what we strive to DO.

While what we strive to BE is our Vision, what we strive to DO is our Mission Statement.

Mission Statement:

In short: We Gather, Grow, and Go.

In detail: We Gather to Christ, Grow in Christ, and Go for Christ. Fellowship Baptist Church Serves God in Siler City and beyond by Gathering people into fellowship with Jesus Christ, Growing them into vibrant lovers of God, who Go in loving service for God. To God’s glory and in obedience to the Great Commission and the Greatest Commandments We Gather, Grow, and Go.

Ready set Go! Let us be zealously united together for God’s work to God’s glory!†