Everyone Win One!


Harvests don’t happen unless seed is planted and cared for. Will you be a planter and harvester this year?

At Fellowship Baptist Church, several committed toward the end of 2014 to do their part with God’s help to see at least one soul come to Jesus through their prayers and efforts. Would you join in that commitment? If everyone actively sought after 1 soul, what an impact!

99 Reasons to Work on Winning at least One Soul to Jesus this Year

  1. It would bring great glory to God
  2. It would make you a more obedient Christian in the area of sharing your faith
  3. It would challenge you to live your faith daily before everyone
  4. It would challenge you to be closer to God and His word so you’d be ready to witness
  5. It could make you a prayer warrior

We’ll that’s only 5 quick reasons. YOU fill in the rest in the comments and/or on Facebook and wherever this posts…

Photo Credit: thebackpew.com, I’ve long enjoyed the Christian humor here. Here’s my favorite:  Abraham from the Abraham and Sara page. Here’s more stuff, on facebook too.