Chronoligically, Cover-to-Cover, Whatever – Just read the Bible!

Reading through the Bible is a worthy goal, whether it’s reading it chronologically or cover-to-cover, just reading God’s word is an awesome endeavor. Many set a goal to read through the Bible at the very beginning of the new year. By this time in January, if you set out on such a goal, you may find yourself already behind. Don’t get discouraged! You set a great and worthy goal. Just keep on reading.

If you haven’t begun any plan for reading scripture, start right now. Read and meditate on a verse or chapter or short book at day. Or jump into a Chronological plan, or a brave 90 day through the Bible plan. You’ll find several links below to various bible reading plans. What ever your plan, the main thing is to read the Bible regularly, just like you eat meals regularly. So, improve your diet this year…Read the Bible!

Link to Various Bible Reading Plans and Tools: this is an audio plan from Read the Bible for Life (our Sunday night study). This highlights the Reading God’s Story: A Chronological Daily Bible that goes with the Read the Bible for Life study we are doing. This is what I’m using. I’m taking advantage of the kindle edition.  Here are a few reading plans. If you want a daily reading plan on your smartphone, its hard to beat this #1 bible app. or Either of these links has the Bible reading plan for shirkers and slackers. See there is something for everyone! This is a 90 day Chronological reading plan. You could also pull a 90 by reading about 4 day’s worth a day in any other year long plan. Also This church did a great job of pulling together various Bible reading plans.

The plans are many, but the point is this… Digest a bit of God’s word daily. You’ll starve if you don’t.

Photo credit: © Sweet Publishing under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported,, A picture depicting Jeremiah 36. Don’t be like the king and people who didn’t listen to God’s word from the prophet.