Are You Being God’s Flower (Here in the Middle of Winter)?


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Snow still lies lightly around, and ice stayed fast upon the walk through the “heat” of the cold day – it’s Winter! Before long though, God will bless us with the return of Spring. Warmth will envelope us, rain will shower the earth, and our part of the globe will begin to green up again. And, one of the greatest beauties of Spring are the Spring flowers.

Flowers are interesting creations. Most flowers begin as a seed. When those Spring showers wet that seed, it germinates and begins growing. Spiritually speaking, Its much like when the soul quenching, and Spirit empowered, water of God’s Word brings new life to a believing soul. In plant life, a seed, once watered, puts out a tap root that eventually branches into a root system. This root searches for more water and gives the seed a firm and stable foundation to grow from. Then the flower sends up it’s stem, just a little shoot at first. The shoot is looking for light from above. All this sounds so familiar! Like that person who becomes a new Christian because they’ve received new life through trusting in the water of the Word. They gain stability as as they thirst after more of the Word. That thirst for the Truth gives a sure foundation from which the Christian sprouts upward, seeking after soul nourishing light from the Lord. If you were to view time-lapse footage of a growing sprout you’d see the green shoot waving back and forth as it follows the sun across the sky day after day. The plants shoot is constantly honed in on the source of light, the sun. The light is everything to the new plant. The Lord is everything to the new Christian. The seed receives water, new life, and started growing toward the light.

Leaves:  The flower and the Christian must grow leaves. All the flower’s energy initially came from the seed. Like that early zeal of a new Christian, it lasts only a little while. The first seed energy gave the plant a good start, but then it must develop its ability to harvest the suns energy – it must grow leaves. In the same way, a Christian must develop their “leaves.” By necessity, a Christian must learn to soak in spiritual energy from the Lord. Spiritual nourishment comes, by turning one’s whole heart to God and seeking to know the Son and the spiritual light that radiates from Him. This opening of a Christian’s leaves involves personal prayer and turning the leaves of the Bible for oneself and studying. Growth is the natural byproduct, so long as the roots are firm and taking in water and the leaves are wholly opened and turned to receive the light.

The Flower:  A flowering plant must flower before it can reproduce itself. God made flowering plants to flower, produce seed, and in turn, produce new flowering plants. Pollination and fertilization takes place in order to produce the seeds, but the basic result is new seed and new plants – reproduction. Flowering, and ultimately reproduction, is the natural outcome when adequate water and light is taken in by the plant. Likewise, a flowering, and therefore, reproducing Christian is the beautiful and natural result of actively and consistently taking in the water of the Word and the light of the Lord. Flowering Christians are ones doing their part to reproduce themselves. One of the most beautiful things to God has to be when His own child, a Christian, is taking part in making new Christians. When a Christian is witnessing, a Christian is finally a beautiful follower, oops, flower of God.

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