Rx: God’s Spirit (For Healing Spiritual Hemiatrophy)

Hemiatrophy (hem·i·at·ro·phy):  The “atrophy of one side of a body part or organ.”

Or in simpler terms:  One arm or leg is smaller than the other. Basically, hemiatrophy is a condition wherein certain body parts grow at different rates than the others, leaving the body disproportioned. In such a case, the fully grown members may have to pick up the slack of the other members. On the other hand, in a body without defect, all of the body members consistently grow…together.

Ephesians 4:8 “…He gave gifts to men.”

The Holy Spirit is at work helping Christians grow and move together. The Spirit of God enables and gifts each body member – each Christian. These Spirit enabled gifts are like joints that connect a human body together.  Like the joints, where ligaments hold bones together and tendons connect muscle to bone, the Spirit connects one Christian to another Christian to minister with Spirit enabled gifts. The Spirit and the spiritual gifts are the ligaments and tendons joining the body of Christ together and helping the whole body to move effectively. Of course, Christ is all in all. He is the head, and there is the nervous system, the blood flow – the analogies could go on. But, as Christians minister to one another with their Spirit enabled gifts, they are united together in common, mutual, spiritual growth.  The Spirit of God enables growth, unity, and mutual forward movement.  As each body part, each individual member who is part of the church, grows and moves by the Spirits enablement, the whole church grows and moves forward into the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Walk in the Spirit then, minister to your fellow Christian, and let there not be hemiatrophy in the body of Christ.